Treated Timber Cooling Towers


Chemical plants, air conditioning plants, induction furnaces, injection molding machines, chilling facilities, and oxygen plants all benefit from timber cooling towers. Heat exchangers and diesel generators In addition, steel, cement, chemical, and water effluent treatment sectors are all affected. we are Treated Timber Cooling Towers Manufacturer in India.

Natural Cooling Towers are made entirely of water that is cooled by natural atmospheric air. Spray nozzles were used to spray the water, which was then covered with louver covers. Because there are no mechanical fans in this system, it saves money on operational costs. These cooling towers are known as atmospheric cooling towers or Fanless cooling towers because they use less water to cool. The primary benefit of Fanless cooling towers is the energy savings provided by the fanless technology. 


Accent Cooling Towers is a renowned manufacturer of cooling towers made of wood. It is mechanically strong, long-lasting, and efficient. The organization’s backbone is manpower with extensive specialized experience in cooling tower manufacture. From concept to actual product manufacturing, we have people with us who have been completely responsible. We have a significant amount of time-tested development that has been incorporated into industry standards. Atmospheric and mechanical cooling towers are available in our UCT timber cooling towers. Most conventional methods [Natural Draft Cooling Towers or Fanless Filless Cooling Towers] and mechanical types, such as Induced Draft Counter Flow Cooling Towers and Cross Flow Cooling Towers, are used in Timber Cooling Towers.

Mechanical Type, Induced Draft Crossflow Cooling Towers are the most commonly requested timber type Cooling Towers by all main sector customers. Mechanical fans are used in cross flow cooling towers, and the water is cooled using a mechanical fan motor. Mechanical cooling towers provide greater thermal performance and reduced drift loss, making them ideal for today’s environment of water scarcity. These cooling towers have the highest Delta T, are more efficient, and require less and simple maintenance.

Air intake is available on both sides of these cooling towers. So, based on the state of the site, you can construct a model of the skyscraper. By extending the size and lengths of the Standard Size Pressure Treated Wooden Frames, these towers can be used for any amount of water cooling. The Cooling Towers are made from chemically treated lightwood that has been properly seasoned. Splash bars, Drift Eliminator, Fan duct, and whole Structures are all made of the same wood.

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Salient features of Treated Timber Cooling Towers:

  • Pre-assembled at the factory for quick on-site installation.
  • Micro spray nozzle on galvanized pipe distribution system.
  • Double edge folded PVC fills with high efficiency.
  • Structure is galvanized with stainless steel fasteners.


Accent Cooling Tower Co. warranties this product to be free of faults in workmanship and materials for a period of several years from the original invoice date, under optimal industrial use and conditions.


01. Type
Single And Double Cross Flow


02. Structure Chemically
Treated Timber


03. Fan Blade Material
FRP Or Cast Aluminum Alloy


01. Min. Order Quantity
1 Piece(s)