PVC Fills


We are leading PVC Fills manufacturer in India. To satisfy industrial special needs, Accent offers a wide selection of edge-folded PVC fill materials. The criteria for counter-flow cooling towers are met by our standard fill products. Our fillers have both edges folded, resulting in a large surface area per volume.

Accent PVC Fills are created by continuous forming and give the least amount of resistance to airflow, allowing for more cooling while using less energy. They are all of the same thickness.


Folded edges offer strength where it’s needed most on the fill. The fillers are simple to attach on-site, saving money on transportation.

Accent Cooling TowerPVC Fill Manufacturer in India

Accent PVC Fills have been specifically processed to provide maximal heat exchange contact area. The crossover of air and water streams is near it. The close proximity provides diffused turbulence that aids in evaporation and heat transmission.

These are long-lasting, resistant to harsh situations, and easy to put together. Specially treated to maximize heat exchange contact area. The air and water streams cross very near together. The close proximity creates diffused turbulence that promotes evaporation and effective heat transmission.

Uniform Thickness: A uniform thickness ensures a long retention duration as well as consistent heat transfer.

Continuous Forming: A procedure in which one end of the fill is constantly free and material supply from the other end is always available during the formation process. Because the additional raw material demand is met, there is no thinning impact at the crests and troughs.

Double Edge Folding: OUR production approach allows us to fold the sheets’ edges, resulting in stronger edges that are more resistant to hard handling during installation and maintenance. It also prevents deterioration of the fill.

Longer Length: A longer length permits the water to spend the most time inside the fill material. It also makes it easier to reduce the number of support beams, which reduces pressure drop and lowers construction costs.

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Salient features of PVC Fills:

  • Continuous Forming.
  • Double Edge Folding.
  • Uniform Thickness.
  • Available in sheet width of 300mm & 600mm.


Accent Cooling Tower Co. warranties this product to be free of faults in workmanship and materials for a period of one year from the original invoice date, under optimal industrial use and conditions.


01. Material


02. Application
Fill in the cooling tower and add water retention time


03. Warranty
1 Year

Additional Information

01. Min. Order Quantity
50 Piece(s)