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Everyone realizes how important fill is to a cooling tower’s operation. Because it is the heat transmission medium around which the “box” that is the cooling tower is built, you could argue that proper fills are one of the most important factors in determining how successfully your cooling tower performs. The nozzles, on the other hand, are responsible for getting the hot water you want to chill delivered to the fill, thus they’re an important part of a tower’s duty. Nozzles play a large role in the performance evaluation of a cooling tower.

Accent Cooling Tower Nozzles

Cooling Tower Accent . Nozzles are a vital part of your cooling tower’s functionality and efficiency. Crossflow cooling towers have nozzles, which are a sort of cooling tower component. In crossflow cooling towers, water is lifted to the distribution basins and then cascaded down over the fill through nozzles on the hot water basin floor. An ABS or FRP pipe in the center of the tower connects them to the water pipe.

The exit is set up to spray water in a regular and continuous pattern, and the input is connected to a water pipe. Then, until the cooling tower is full, let the water fall down. The hot water turns into the nozzles and then flows away from the nozzle bottom when water is pumped through them at a certain pressure. For each cooling tower spray nozzle, an input and exit are required.
A cooling tower‘s nozzle is a critical component. Cross-flow and counter-flow cooling towers both employ it.

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Salient Features of Accent Cooling Tower

  1. ABS, PP, and PE materials have a lower cost and a longer lifespan.
  2. The number of towers isn’t very important; all that matters is that the water flow is consistent.
  3. The right pressure throughout the nozzles means less maintenance and lower labor costs.
  4. Making a proper temperature cooling is difficult to restrict from the water pipe to the spray nozzle.
  5. Accent Cooling Tower spray nozzles are designed to work with a variety of cooling tower brands. 

Different diameters regulate different water flow speeds and water levels, hence nozzles exist in a variety of top diameters. Water enters the cooling tower through the bottom flower shape and escapes through a circular hole in the water pipe.

Area of Application

The Accent Cooling Tower Nozzle series is perfect for large, site-erected Counterflow or Crossflow Cooling Towers, FRP Cooling systems, RCC Cooling Towers, and FRP Cooling Tower systems.

Available Cooling Tower Nozzles

  1. 180 Degree Spray Nozzle
  2. 2A,2AB, 2AA, 2AAA nozzles
  3. Ameng nozzle
  4. Spiral Target Cross Flow Nozzle
  5. NS5 Counterflow Nozzle
  6. 360 Degree Spray Nozzle
  7. XF Crossflow Nozzles
  8. NS6 Crossflow Nozzle


Accent Cooling Tower Co. warranties this product to be free of faults in workmanship and materials for a period of one (1) year from the original invoice date, under optimal industrial use and conditions.