Drift Eliminator


The evaporative cooling process causes almost all cooling towers to lose water to the outdoors. In Drift Eliminator The most common kind of evaporation is pure water vapor , which has no negative impact on the environment.

The unintended/unwanted loss of liquid water to the environment caused by microscopic droplets entrained in the outgoing air stream is referred to as “drift.” These water droplets contain chemicals and minerals that, if spread, might have a negative impact on the ecosystem.


Water droplets that become caught in the cooling tower’s air stream are collected using drift eliminators. Drift eliminators keep water droplets and mist contained in the cooling tower. When droplets connect with blade walls, they lose momentum and reverse direction, eventually falling back into the tower.

Cooling Tower Drift eliminators reduce the amount of water that seeps into the cooling tower’s discharge air by a small amount. They spread air in several directions, preventing excessive amounts of water from evaporating unnecessarily. The majority of drift eliminators are made entirely of PVC (sometimes with PP FRP materials). Increased drift elimination runs reduce drift loss while increasing pressure drop, which raises fan power consumption. For their bigger industrial uses, many industries use heavy-duty drift eliminators.

Accent Drift Eliminators

Accent Drift Eliminators

Accent makes durable PVC, PP, and FRP Drift Eliminators Designs that efficiently remove entrained particles from air steam with minimal pressure loss, reducing the amount of fan power required as the air passes through the Drift Eliminator.

Drift eliminators from Accent discharge air at an optimal angle to the horizontal. The exact angle changes depending on the type of eliminator and the tower structure’s slope.

Accent drift eliminators discharge at an angle of at least 40° from the horizontal to ensure optimal cooling tower performance. Unintentional and costly turning losses are no longer a possibility. Within the fill sheets, we also include highly effective cellular drift eliminators.


Our drift eliminators are as corrosion resistant as the fill. Materials suitable for fill are frequently incorporated into the design of the eliminator, with plastics (mostly PVC, PP, and FRP) being the most widely utilized. Corrosion resistance is a feature of our drift eliminators. The eliminator design incorporates fill materials such as plastics (mostly PVC, PP, and FRP).

The low drift rate of our drift eliminator is one of its most notable features. Drift rates in Accent Drift eliminators are often much lower than total GPM. Lower drift rates are achievable depending on the tower configuration. Due to their low drift rates and little pressure loss, Accent Drift Eliminators are one of the most efficient drift eliminators available. Our efficient drift eliminators have drift losses in the range of 0.002 to 0.005% of the recirculating water flow rate.

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Area of Application

The Accent Drift Eliminator series is ideal for applications that require large, site-erected Counterflow or Crossflow Cooling Towers, FRP Cooling systems, RCC Cooling Towers, and  FRP Cooling Tower systems.


Types of Drift Eliminators Available


1.  C Type.

2. S Type.

3. Spectra Type


01. Material


02. Sheet Spacing
24mm 20mm


03. Application
Water Treament


04. Warranty
1 Year