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Splash fills increase the amount of air that comes into touch with the water’s surface. Splash fills, rather than a sheet surface, increase the surface area of the water droplets. The splash fill breaks up the water into tiny droplets, exposing more water surface to the wind. Additionally, the splash fill keeps the water suspended for a longer amount of time, allowing for more exposure to the air. PVC or polyethylene make up the majority of current splashing fillers.

Splash fills work by sending running water through a grid of splashes, which breaks up the water droplets and extends the time that water and air are in touch. The droplets continue to divide when the descending water comes into touch with numerous layers of these splash fills, boosting heat transfer and thereby chilling the water.

Accent Splash Opti-Grid Fills

OPTI-GRID Fills are one of the most well-known counterflow cooling tower splash fills. The nonfouling-fill OPTI GRID has been widely employed in industrial applications and facilities with a variety of cooling tower types. Its distinguishing feature is the small amount of surface area exposed to falling water.

OPTI GRID Fills are acid, alkali, and hydrocarbon resistant, as well as bio- and chemically inert to external force, thanks to their principal material, polypropylene. It includes UV inhibitors and can function at temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit for long periods of time.

The OPTI-floating GRID’s hanger design allows the fill layers to float, allowing for a perfect fit in tilted cross flow systems. Because of the small surface area exposed to water, it’s a non-fouling splash fill. Because of these distinguishing characteristics, it is used in a variety of sectors. Refineries, steel mills, sugar mills, and food processing plants are the most important industries. Its design is appropriate for industries of all types because of its reduced pressure drop, enhanced splash surface, antifouling qualities, and high strength.

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Splash Opti-Frid Fills Salient Features

Efficient Design

The OPTI-GRID Fills design allows water droplets to come into contact with the narrow horizontal stripes as they pass through the grid on their approach to the basin. When looking at different levels of the installed OPTI-GRID, it’s evident that the strips aren’t all in a straight line, but are instead displaced from layers above.

High Performance

OPTI-GRID Water droplets can pass through all of the horizontal strips in this structure, which are called fills. Droplets bounce from one layer to the next as they pass through thin strips that provide shear force to them, further shredding them. As a result, the splashing concept is more successful now than it was previously.

Robust Strength

OPTI-GRID Fills are held in place by stainless steel wires hung from supports beneath the water distribution system, as well as polypropylene supports designed specifically for attaching a gridded to the wires in evenly spaced tiers across the width and length of the cell. Each grid in each tier is connected to its surrounding grids by unique clips, locking the complete fill assembly in place. This improves the grid’s overall strength.


  1. Material : Polypropylene
  2. Installation Dimensions :1000mm x 750mm
  3. Grid-Fill Dimensions : 956mm x 706mm
  4. Thickness at load-points 1.2mm to 1.5mm


Accent Cooling Tower Co. warranties this product to be free of faults in workmanship and materials for a period of one (1) year from the original invoice date, under optimal industrial use and conditions.