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The level, flat area that can be found at the very top of a cooling tower is known as the fan deck. Take in some rays or go for a stroll in the afternoon on the fan deck, all of which are enjoyable activities. In accordance with the arrangement you’ve chosen, it grants access to the numerous mechanical components that make up your cooling tower.

Plywood, fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP), or solid 2″ x 6″ tongue & groove can be used to make fan decks. Both of these options have non-slip surfaces available. There is also pressure treated lumber available for use in cooling towers.

Fans of the cooling tower are one of the most important sections and components of cooling towers. The majority of cooling tower fans are constructed using materials such as hot-dipped galvanized steel, glass fiber, fiber-reinforced plastic, and aluminum. FRP is one of the greatest solutions since it is light weight and minimizes the energy requirements (energy consumption) of the cooling tower fan. Other good possibilities are fiberglass reinforced plastic and carbon fiber. The pinch blade angles of cooling tower fan blades are adjusted seasonally to account for temperature changes. To illustrate, the pinch angle can be adjusted so as to maximize the capacity of the fan during the summer months, when the population density is at its lowest.

Salient features of Cooling Tower Fan Deck:

  • Material – Metal
  • Condition – New
  • Warranty – 1 Years


S.G Gasket & Cooling Tower Co. warranties this product to be free of faults in workmanship and materials for a period of one year from the original invoice date, under optimal industrial use and conditions.

Cooling Tower Fan Deck Supplier in India

S.G.Cooling Tower Fan Deck 

Our cooling tower’s fan deck functions as a diaphragm to convey both dead and live loads to the tower frame. In addition, the Fan Deck features a platform that is used for the support of the fan cylinders. Additionally, it contributes to the efficiency of the water distribution system.

The cooling tower’s Fan Deck can be attached to the tower’s framework without any problems. Tongue-and-groove fir plywood is typically used in wooden cooling towers; pultruded fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) is utilized in pultruded FRP towers; and prestressed double-tee sections are utilized in concrete cooling towers.

The fan deck is typically quite sizable on more substantial cooling towers. According to the engineers, the fan deck in a large-sized tower has a density of sixty pounds per square foot. Deck loads could be as high as 40 pounds per square foot in a tower of modest size.

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1 Years

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