Cooling Tower Fan Cylinder With Recovery Cone Manufacturer


A cooling tower fan stack is often referred to as a cooling tower fan shroud or a cooling tower fan cylinder. The fiber-reinforced plastic Fan Stack is an important component of the system (FRP). In the cooling tower industry, the term “fan stack” refers to the combination of three airflow path components:

A fan bell or bell inlet is another name for an air inlet.

Fan casing, also known as fan cylinder, fan shroud, and fan ring, is the part where fans function.

A velocity recovery cone is the third component of the stack. A conical divergence at the fan exit, also known as a fan diffuser, was employed to recover velocity pressure.

These stacks include vertical and horizontal ribs, making them exceptionally sturdy to withstand high wind speeds. We have the ability to produce patterns and moulds in-house, so we can make any size of fan stack, and it is assembled in segments.

Accent Cooling Tower Fan Cylinder

Our Fan stack allows for high velocity recovery. This increases system efficiency while lowering operating costs. Stacks of fans made of high-quality fiberglass-reinforced plastic.

Our fan stack has a two-tone finish. The fan stack’s flat inner surface reduces friction losses. Which decreases turbulence and promotes laminar airflow. The outside surface has a great resistance to weather conditions. UV protection on both surfaces keeps UV rays from shortening the stack’s life. The fiber fan stack is durable and light. This helps to extend the life of the cooling tower.

With Recovery Cone

A large amount of the fan’s work is squandered in the exit air energy. At atmospheric pressure, a fan pulls air from the system and delivers it to the environment (At zero pressure). As a result, a velocity recovery cone, which is a conical cylinder with increasing diameter, is an excellent tool for reducing the exit air velocity. The most dynamic pressure recovery was incorporated into the static pressure recovery.
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Salient features of Pultruded Cooling Tower Fan Cylinder :

  1. It improves fan performance.
  2. It lowers the noise level near the fan system.
  3. Due to external air disturbance, the stack stops the fan from running backwards.
  4. The fan’s airflow is smoothed out by the inlet bell.
  5. The vena contract at the fan inlet is similarly restricted by the Inlet bell.
  6. The fan stack also reduces recirculation of discharge air.


Accent Cooling Tower Co. warranties this product to be free of faults in workmanship and materials for a period of several years from the original invoice date, under optimal industrial use and conditions.