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Two cast ductile-iron, electro-galvanized hubs and clamp rings with stainless steel fasteners make up a coupling. The vibration dampening properties of the SofTork connection are exceptional. The shock load cushioning is appropriate for variable frequency drive applications since it is highly flexible and can accommodate misalignment.

These specific couplings were created with cooling tower uses in mind. A corrosion-resistant, lightweight composite tube made of specific fiberglass or carbon graphite fibers serves as the drive shaft. It has been designed to give the best balance of strength and bending stiffness for cooling tower connections.

For great strength and corrosion resistance, the coupling hubs, adapters, disc packs, and hardware are all made of stainless steel. The unitized disc packs have a continual misalignment capability of up to 12 degrees. Using near tolerance bolts and conventional drive shaft dynamic balance, this ensures trouble-free operation.

cooling tower coupling

S. G. Couplings for Cooling Towers

We make flexible parts with tyre type couplings that are specifically developed for cooling tower applications.

Our Cooling Tower Coupling provides the finest value in the cooling tower industry by including features like:

  1. Resistance to corrosion
  2. High misalignment tolerance
  3. Outstanding fatigue resistance
  4. Lightweight
  5. Installation simplicity
  6. Excellent vibration dampening properties
  7. Ideal for VFD use, shock load cushioning
  8. High degree of adaptability to compensate for misalignment

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Key Features:

  1. Silent Operation
  2. Hubs are not separated axially.
  3. Materials and coatings that resist corrosion
  4. At 1800 rpm, no balancing is necessary.
  5. Flexible element substitution is quick and simple.
  6. Misalignment in the angular and parallel directions, as well as end float, are all accommodated.

Other Applications:

  1. Presses for printing
  2. Exhaust Fans in Tunnels
  3. Ventilation Fans
  4. Vertical Pumps 
  5. Compressors


S.G Gasket & Cooling Tower Co. warranties this product to be free of faults in workmanship and materials for a period of one (1) year from the original invoice date, under optimal industrial use and conditions. Rest assured of the best quality cooling tower components from us.