Cross Flow Cooling Towers



The generated air moves horizontally while the water falls vertically in a cross-flow cooling tower. For greater heat transmission, water flows through the fill media, increasing the contact surface as well as the contact time between air and water. The airflow is directed perpendicular to the water flow in a crossflow arrangement. To meet the fill material, air enters through one or more vertical faces of the cooling tower. Gravity causes water to flow through the fill (perpendicular to the air).

The air flows through the water flow and into an open plenum volume through the fill. Finally, a fan exhausts the moist air into the atmosphere.

Near the top of a crossflow tower is a distribution or a hot water basin with holes or nozzles in the bottom. The water is evenly distributed across the fill thanks to gravity.

Accent Cross Flow Cooling Tower


The Accent cooling tower Cross Flow cooling tower is both silent and cost-effective, with a large cooling capacity. The system can be simply customized to meet cooling needs and available space. The cooling towers are in top shape and are trouble-free. The economical crossflow cooling towers are the ideal solution for both man and the environment due to significant water savings (up to 95 percent) and incredibly low noise levels.

The Process Fluid heat is circulated via the closed-circuit cooler’s coil and dissipated through the coil tubes to the water falling downward over the tubes. Air is pulled from air inlet louvers at the cooler’s base and goes upward over the coil at the same time. A little amount of water evaporates, and warm moist air is released into the atmosphere, removing heat from the process fluid.

We develop and build cooling towers with a long service life and low maintenance requirements. This performance is the result of a thorough selection of materials – stainless steel mixed with glass fiber reinforced polyester and plastics – as well as an extraordinarily sound design and our engineers’ extensive knowledge.

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Salient features of Cross Flow Cooling Tower:


  • Cooling towers precisely dimensioned and individually tailored for each application
  • Application of country-specific regulations
  • Transportable tower components that are ready to be installed.
  • Low energy and maintenance costs
  • Optimal cost-effectiveness across the life cycle
  • Superior product quality, as defined by our high standards
  • Implementation for any desired amount of cooling water



Accent Cooling Tower Co. warrants this product to be free of faults in workmanship and materials for a period of several years from the original invoice date, under optimal industrial use and conditions.


01. Material
Pultruded And Hand-Rail Frp


02. Type
Cross Flow


03. Fabrication

04. Air Flow
Cross Type


2,000,000 – 20,000,000 Kcal/Hr Per Cell


Oil And Gas, Pharmaceutical, Power Plants, Refineries, Large-Scale Hvacsystems.